Hearing protection for music

Are you looking for hearing protection, especially designed for music events? Look no further, mate! You can find different universal earplugs with music filters right here. We also offer custom made earplugs (otoplasty) and a cleaning spray for maintaining your earplugs. All this to ensure that you can enjoy a night of carefree partying at the festivals, concerts and parties of your choice. It ain’t for nothing that we are recommended by party-animals, DJs and musicians all over the globe!

What others say about Bananaz


"Fijne oordopjes, doen wat ze moeten doen."






"Goede oordoppen voor een goede prijs"

Bananaz: earplugs of the highest quality

Music is our life. This is why we live by the motto: a month without our favorite artists, memorable festivals and concerts is like a month not lived (ok, that sounds a bit sexier in Dutch)! For this reason, we do everything in our power to protect our ears. And yours of course. Because we are convinced that your hearing is far too fun to lose!

That you can put a stop to hearing damage with Bananaz earplugs has been a fact for years. And to ensure that you are always protected, we deliver the Bananaz aluminum earplugs container with every order you place. Say goodbye to forgetting your hearing protection by attaching this container to your keychain. Nifty, right?

By the way, did you know our earplugs contain a unique music filter? This filter ensures that your ears are protected and that you can fully enjoy music. This because you can experience your favorite music just as it is, solely a few decibels lower. You can also keep having conversations in an easy and clear way. That they are a delight to wear is the icing on the cake. An independent test by the number one Dutch consumer review television program KASSA acknowledges this by the way. Bananaz earplugs ended up at the top of the list! So, do you have a party or a cool concert coming up? Don’t forget to put Bananaz earplugs on your list of essentials. But most of all, don’t forget to enjoy. Because that is, in the end, what it is all about. Enjoying life in a carefree way!