Thunderplugs Pro

1 set of earplugs with 2 sets of music filters (20dB and 28dB)

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  • Choose your own attenuation with 2 music filters
  • Professional music attenuation (EU certified)
  • Music filters guarantee preservation quality of music

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Product description
The Thunderplugs Pro consists of one set of premium earplugs with a professional filter of 28 decibel. However, we also deliver an extra set of yellow filters that filter out 20 decibel. But wait, there is more. The cherry on the cake is our aluminum container (to attach to your keys) that is included with every Thunderplugs Pro. In this way, you’ll always have your earplugs on you and you can adjust them to the party that you are going to. Going to that one club where the bass is always booming like crazy? Why not bring along the pro filter of 28 dB? In this way, the Pro guarantees the best protection.

The earplugs have an average sound attenuation of 28 decibels (in line with the quality conditions of the EU), to ensure that you are completely protected from harmful noises. The special music filter ensures that all the details of the music are still audible, only a couple of decibels lower. This results in no distorted or tarnished sound! A supplementary advantage is that you can easily keep conversing with others. No need to constantly plug and unplug whilst you are chatting with that best friend of yours!

With Bananaz you possess all the means to keep your hearing in prime condition. And we understand very well that you wish to realize this without having gigantic plugs in your ears. We have to stay comfortable and sexy, right? That is why our hearing protection is made from the softest and best silicon material out there. You don’t even notice them in your ears and they are barely noticeable.

The best earplugs for festivals, concerts and clubbing
Is it party time again? Right on ya! This means you want to enjoy music to the fullest. That’s the whole reason you are out. And of course, it would also be nice if your ears survive the night out also. That morning after beep, we don’t even wish it upon our biggest enemy. The Thunderplugs Pro is your best friend in this situation. You can reuse them because of the durable material and they consist of a universal fit. Our customers state that the Pro is a delight to wear and after a while, you don’t even realize you are still wearing them anymore. More than that, we promise after trying the Pro, you won’t be able to go without!

Oordoppen test

Thunderplugs are tested best by KASSA
When Bananaz started producing hearing protection many years ago, we set a new standard. Earplugs don’t have to be expensive to provide good protection to your ears. Hearing protection doesn’t require a huge price tag to ensure a comfortable fit and that you can enjoy the music just as it is. We have proven this with our first product, the Classic (that filters out 20dB). Not only because the Classic is in line with all the quality requirements from the EU. Also as the number one Dutch consumer review program KASSA confirms this. In their most recent test with earplugs from all the biggest hearing protection brands, Bananaz hearing protection ended up at the top of the list!

When is sound harmful?
You naturally wear earplugs because you want to prevent hearing damage. And as you probably know, you can acquire hearing damage when music is too loud. But when is loud too loud? Sound is measured in decibels (dB) and can already be harmful from 80dB. You need to really start watching yourself (and your ears) when decibel levels of 100 are reached because you can then acquire acute hearing damage. The problem is that sound levels of over 100dB often occur in clubs, festivals or live concerts. That is why it is important to filter sound with earplugs. Because your hearing is way too fun to lose!

Your hearing is your most important instrument when you are a musician or music lover. So please treat it with care. This as there is one huge problem: hearing damage is (in most cases) irrefutable. Because we want to help you in the best way possible, we deliver our aluminum container with the Pro. Attach it to your keys and you’ll never forget your earplugs. Winning!


hearing loss

Bananaz guarantees quality and safety
Thunderplugs Pro earplugs by Bananaz are compliant with all quality and safety regulations that are laid down by the EU. They are tested and certified according to EN 352-2:2002, a quality requirement for hearing protection from the EU. Our earplugs passed these test with flying colors. In this way, we can guarantee that the Thunderplugs Pro will enable you to enjoy music in a safe way.

The Thunderplugs Pro earplugs know a SNR of 20 and 28 decibel. This means that they have an average attenuation of 20 decibels and 28 decibels. Secure, check. However, you want to also be able to enjoy music to the fullest. With a special music filter, you can still enjoy all the details of the music. No distorted sound! Only the harmful frequencies are filtered out. Another big advantage of this special filter is that you can easily keep talking to others whilst wearing our earplugs. Quality, check!

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