Thunderplugs Pro

2 earplugs with 2 sets of filters (18+26dB)

  • Choose your own attenuation
  • Safe attenuation of sound (EU certified)
  • Music still sounds great
  • Comfortable fit and 100+ times reusable


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Product description

The Thunderplugs Pro pack contains one set of premium earplugs with the Pro Filter (26dB), an extra 18dB filter, and an aluminium container that can be used as a keychain. This means you have optimal protection because you can easily adjust your earplugs depending on the party you’re going to. These are special music filters which keep the sound clearly audible and doesn’t distort it. Furthermore, the filter also enables you to have conversations without having to remove your earplugs.

Earplugs for festivals, concerts, and parties

Musicians and (live) music lovers often have to deal with high volumes. Take the drummer of a band, for instance. Every time he hits his cymbals, many high-frequencies are released that can be damaging to someone’s hearing. It’s really important to have earplugs with high attenuation value.

Even at a festival or a club, the volume can get really high. When this is the case, we really advise you to use the Pro Filter that filters 26dB. If the music isn’t that loud, you can always switch to the 18dB filters.

When is sound harmful?

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when the volume is turned up to high. Sound is measured in units called decibels (dB), and sounds above 80 dB can already be harmful. From 100 dB and above, there is an immediate risk. The volume at concerts, in clubs, and at festivals, however, is often higher than 100 dB. Therefore, it’s really important to protect your ears with earplugs.

As a music lover and/or musician your hearing is extremely important, so you better take good care of it. Noise-induced hearing loss is, in most occasions, permanent. So, always make sure you’re carrying proper hearing protection that makes you enjoy the music and/or party without having to worry about hearing loss.


hearing loss

Bananaz equals quality and safety

Thunderplugs Pro earplugs have an SNR of 26. That means that they give an overall attenuation of 26dB. Besides that, the Thunderplugs Pro pack also contains an extra set of filters that attenuate 18dB. This means you can safely enjoy a live concert, festival, and/or if you’re on stage. Because of the special music filter, the sound does not get distorted and stays clearly audible. Furthermore, the filter also enables you to have conversations without having to remove your earplugs, how convenient is that?! 

These earplugs are EU Certified

Thunderplugs Pro earplugs meet all quality and safety requirements defined by the EU. They are tested and certified according to EN 352-2:2002, a quality requirement for hearing protection set by the EU. Our earplugs passed these tests with flying colours. With Bananaz you can safely enjoy music.

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