EARS2U cleaning spray

Clean your earplugs after every use.

  • Easy cleaning of your earplugs after use
  • Brush enables you to remove all dirtiness
  • Guards the quality of your earplugs
  • Spray is propellant free (environment friendly)


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Clearning your earplugs
A cleaning spray is essential for maintaining your earplugs. The spray kills bacteries that can form in your earplugs. With this spray from EARS2U, you’ll ensure that every last bit of dirt is removed from your plugs. The foremost reason for this is the handy brush that comes with the spray. The brush enables you to easily remove all the dirt in hard to reach places.

Frequent cleaning
It is of the utmost importance that you frequently clean your earplugs. This doesn’t only guarantee that the quality of the filter is maintained but also that your earplugs will live longer. Also, this will lead to the earplugs working better so you can enjoy the music just as it is, just a couple of decibel lower. In conclusion, hygiene plays an important role in making sure your ears don’t get infected because of dirt being left in your ears after wearing earplugs.

So, do you want to keep enjoying your Bananaz earplugs for a longer period of time? Then this cleaning spray is a must-have!

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    Thunderplugs Classic

    1 set of earplugs with music filter (20dB)

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    Thunderplugs Duopack

    2 sets of earplugs with music filter (20dB)

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    Thunderplugs Pro

    1 set of earplugs with 2 sets of music filters (20dB and 28dB)

    17.95 15.95