Custom Fitted Party

For parties, concerts, and festivals (20-22dB)

  • A delight to wear because of the perfect fit
  • Special KS5 filter ensures the best attenuation of sound
  • No sound distortion due to good degree of linear attenuation
  • Good audibility in conversations
  • Average life expectancy of 5 years
  • One year guarantee against damage, loss or theft with guarantee package

These certified earplugs are perfectly fitted to your auditory passage for optimal protection. The special KS5 filter ensures that you can always enjoy music carefree.



This is how you receive your Custom Fitted earplugs

  1. Order the Custom Fitted earplugs on Bananaz.
  2. Our certificated hearing expert will contact you within 2 working days to make an appointment.
  3. The appointment will take place at your home or office at a time and date of your choosing. You’ll be provided with all the required information regarding filters, materials, and usage during the fitting of your ears.
  4. De earplugs are made and sent to your address. This will take about 3 weeks.

This whole process will take about 4-6 weeks to complete (depending on availability). This product can only be ordered in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Bananaz Custom Fitted are perfectly fitted to your auditory passage for optimal protection. The special KS5 filter ensures that you can always enjoy music carefree. Our earplugs are CE certified, which means that you are protected from the harmful aspects of music. Because of the special music filter, you can enjoy the music just as it is and have regular conversations.


MaterialHard OtoplastySoft Otoplasty
Suited forFrequently taking in and outProlonged usage
Characteristics materialSmooth surface which helps interchangeability and ensures easy to cleanVery flexible and comfortable. Finished with transparent polish for more comfort.
Recommend filterLight (KS5)Light (KS5)
AttenuationAttenuates low, harmful frequencies. Less attenuation by higher frequencies.Attenuates low, harmful frequencies. Less attenuation by higher frequencies.
Sound qualityPerfect, minimal distortion.Perfect, minimal distortion.
Free change of filterOnceOnce
Can you change the filtersNot by yourself, you have to send them to HPGNot by yourself, you have to send them to HPG
Life expectancy4 to 5 years4 to 5 years
Easy to converseYesYes
Anti-allergic materialYes, hypoallergenicYes, hypoallergenic
Guarantee of fitFor 2 yearsFor 2 years
Cord with clip possibleYesYes


Attenuation Table Hard Otoplasty

FrequenciesHighMidLowAverageRecommended for
Light filter(KS5)26181322Clubbing, musicians, DJs
Strong filter (KS2)29211624Motorcyclists, Convertible drivers


Attenuation Table Soft Otoplasty

FrequenciesHighMidLowAverageRecommended for
Light filter(KS5)24161220Clubbing, musicians, DJs
Strong filter (KS2)26191522Motorcyclists, Convertible drivers

Check out the more extensive attenuation table for all the filters (8 in total) here.

Carefree usage with guarantee package

If you use our guarantee package, you are insured against theft, loss or damage for a year. You’ll receive your personal imprints once your plugs are delivered. You can send those imprints to HPG by loss or theft. New custom earplugs will then be created. We’ll send you both a left and a right one.

If you lose your imprints, we’ll have to charge you for the regular price, because we have to to do a new fitting. The guarantee package can only be used once and within 1 year after fitting your earplugs.

Noise-induced hearing loss: causes and prevention

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when you’re exposed to sound that is louder than your ears can handle. Sound is measured in units called decibels (dB), and sounds above 80 dB can already be harmful. Above 100 dB there is an immediate risk. In live music, in clubs, and at festivals, however, the volume is often higher than 100 dB. Using earplugs by Bananaz, you protect your ears against hearing loss and the music still sounds great! So, if you are looking for quality hearing protection, you have come to the right place.

Bananaz: quality and protection

Bananaz earplugs meet all quality and safety requirements defined by the EU. They are tested and certified according to EN 352-2, a quality requirement for hearing protection by the EU. Our earplugs passed these test with flying colors. With Bananaz you can safely enjoy music.

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