4 Reasons Why Live Music Should Be So Loud

20 Mar 2018 Out

If loud music is so bad for your ears, it seems logical that venues would lower the volumes at live music. However, it seems that the opposite is actually what happens. So, why don’t they lower the volume ánd why do we completely agree with them?

As you probably know, or should know, music at live shows is loud. Too loud. At least, too loud to be safe for your ears. That’s why it is always (yes, always) recommended to wear earplugs if you go to live music.

A lot of readers have already asked: why don’t music venues just put the volumes down? While it seems logical to assume that they should, there are plenty of reasons to keep the volume high.

1. People like loud music

Not everybody is thinking about their hearing. And a lot of people just really like loud music (so do we). In science, this is called the Rock ‘n Roll Threshold, which means that music above a certain sound level makes you happy. When the volume is under that threshold, these positive sensations in your brain are completely absent. Simply put, if the sound is too low, people don’t love music as much as they 'normally' do.

2. Acoustics are hard

In a lot of small places, acoustics are really hard to manage. You’ll need an amazing sound engineer, who asks a lot of money. Smaller venues cannot really afford that, so they just choose to turn the sound up very loud.

3. Drums are loud

Have you ever been in a room with a drummer on his drum kit? It’s loud. Really loud. So, on a stage it’s also loud. And you want to hear the rest of the band, right? So the other instruments and the vocals of the singer(s) have to be loud as well.

4. Musicians don’t wanna play softly

Unless if their music is really subtle and quiet, most musicians don’t really want to have to play softly. They wanna play loud. It’s not that playing softly sucks, it’s more that not being able to play loud sucks.

It all boils down to the fact that we love loud music. The feel of that base blasting through your body and being totally immersed in the music. The downside is hearing damage, but with a pair of earplugs, you have a solution for that also. That is why we say yes to loud music. Just make sure you don't lose your hearing when enjoying it!

So that’s it. Do you think these reasons are good enough? Or do you think venues should keep the volume down more, as people don't protect their ears? Let us know!

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