Do you drive your motorcycle in autumn? Here are some great tips!

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It is that time of year again: the leaves start getting a yellowish brown color and eventually fall off. It gets colder and more rainy every day. For a lot of bikers, this means the end of biking season. Their bikes are put away till springtime hits. But for some, biker season is never over. For all you motorcyclists out there, we composed a list of tips for motorbiking in autumn.

Tip 1: It takes longer to get your tires warm

Motorcycle tires need to have a certain temperature to give you a proper grip while making turns. In summer time that temperature is easily reached, because of the hot road surface. But in autumn and winter, it takes much longer. So be more careful while taking turns, even in the ones you normally speed through.


Tip 2: Don't speed while it's raining

This one sounds really obvious, but is so true none the less. A wet road surface ensures less grip. And it can even cause aquaplaning when your tires can't process all the water. Aquaplaning or hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs. And if it occurs to all wheels simultaneously, the vehicle becomes an uncontrollable sled.

Tip 3: Look out for leaves and wet tram trails

The road surface can become way more slippery when it has rained. Look especially out for wet leaves, tram tracks, sewer covers and the white lines alongside the road.

Tip 4: Make sure that your visor doesn't get foggy

Rain can have a big impact on your sight, as it can make your visor extremely foggy. To avoid a foggy visor you can use a condense repellent spray or use some dishwashing liquid.


Tip 5: Look out for mud

In the rural areas there can be some mud on the road because of harvest season. A muddy surface causes a larger breaking distance. So adjust your speed an keep a longer distance than the legal two-second rule.

Tip 6: Make sure that you got enough profile left on your tires

After a long summer there is a big chance that you need to change your tires. This is because there won't be enough profile left on the tires. Often there will be more profile left than the legal minimum of 1 mm, but with wet road surfaces you need as much grip as possible!

Tip 7: Make sure that the pressure of your tires is right

After driving your motorcycle all summer you need to make sure that the pressure in your tires is still at the right level. So check your pressure before you hit the road!

Do you drive your motorcycle in autumn?

Please let us know if you got any good tips we missed! By the way, we have a couple of insane motorroutes for you guys. You should definitely go hit these ones up in South America. Or what about these insane routes in Asia?

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