These are the best motorcycle routes of Africa

22 Oct 2018 Out

Isn't life about collecting cool stories to brag about when your old and wrinkly and your grandchildren listen to you in full awe? We'll have another suggestion you could add to your storybook: driving a motorcycle through Africa.

If you're in for an adventure, you'll surely find it in Africa.  It will be life changing and while we're definitely in for spontaneous plans, it's a good idea to come prepared. Or at least have an idea of which route(s) you want to drive. We present you the best motorcycle routes of Africa.

In the jungle

You can ride the best-tarred roads just outside a city like Cape Town or fight your way through waist-deep mud pools in the jungle hundreds of kilometers from civilization. You can find all extremes on this continent. It's up to you what you make of it. Since Africa is such a gigantic continent with an immense variety of countries, cultures, and terrain we narrow your options down to some of the most popular routes, like we did before for Asia.

Morocco N8 Road Tizi n'Test Pass

Morocco is a great destination for European biker mice since it's so close to Spain. You can expect everything: form vast desert valleys to the Atlas Mountains. There are lots of tarred roads that will bring you along the most breathtaking sceneries. If you're a more experienced motor enthusiast the Atlas Mountains will bring you the ride of a lifetime. Hairpin bends with sand, gravel and sheer drops from the sides of the road are no exception.

Western Cape South Africa Route 62

If you're only able to visit one country in Africa then South Arica must be it. The most popular road amongst motorcyclist is Route 62. This route will take you amongst winding passes, ocean scenery and through the semi-arid Karoo desert all the way to the green beauty of the wild coast.

Namibia/Botswana A2 Trans-Kalahari Highway

If you want to, you take a lot of tarred roads in Namibia. But if you want to pretend you're in a cool music video, you can take endless roads of gravel, dirt, and sand. From red dunes to the wild scrub and vast tracts of uninhabited veld of Botswana, you’ll see breathtaking scenery and lots of wild animals if you're lucky. The wildlife is also the reason these roads can be quite dangerous, so make sure you stick to the speed limits.

Is Africa not your cup of tea? Then here are the 5 best motorcycle routes of South America. Vamos!

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