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7 festival items you definitely don’t need, but most definitely do want

4 Jun 2018 Out

The festival season is in full swing. When you want the full festival-experience, you stay camping. Nothing beats waking up in a boiling hot tent with the worst hangover since mankind to stand in line for three hours for the shower to make yourself up for another day and do it all over again, right? Especially with these festival items!

When you’re this type, you also know that going camping on a festival means going back to basics. Forget all the fancy gadgets and don’t even dare to think you’ll make a great impression with a futuristic tent and the whole Bever Sport camping-section. Things you actually do make a great impression with, are the things you probably really don’t need. They are just fun and since festivals are all about fun, they are basically essentials in some way. We selected some of these crazy festival items, ‘cause that’s just how helpful we are.

1. The Pop Up Play Tent

One of the biggest festival frustrations: trying to find your tent back on the site. That’s how people wind up next to complete strangers the next day. It has nothing to do with drunk lust, it’s just being fed up with trying to find your own tent in an endless sea of identical tents. This brilliant pop up tent will save you from all that awkwardness the next day.

2. Party poncho

There are two things certain in life: on summer festivals in The Netherlands it will probably rain and poncho’s are never sexy, so don’t even try. That being said, this tiger really will make your life easier. It keeps you dry, you’re friends will be able to find you in the blink of an eye and you won’t look like a huge walking condom.

3. Stay hydrated

Not because you brought your own vodka or because you have a crazy dry mouth because of popping something that wasn’t a M&M (hey mom). No, you bring your own water bottle because it’s super important to stay hydrated when you’re in a crowded, humid place. Everybody knows that.

4. Inflatables

Fact: you probably won’t sleep, so don’t even bother making up a bed or sleeping under a high tech sleeping-bag. Sleeping on caramel waffle goodness sounds like the ultimate dream, even though this inflatable does look a bit suspicious if you don’t look close enough.

5. Festival feet

If you don’t want to ruin your sneakers in the mud, you bring your wellies with you. But if you want to be slightly more original, you take your Festival feet with you. They’re basically plastic bags hidden as sneakers. Pretty? Nope. Cool? Not even a little bit. Handy? Hell yes.


6. Hi-ha-hygiene

After dancing the day and night away you’ll desperately need a shower. Until you see a line as long as the Chinese wall. This antibacterial body wash is basically a shower in a bottle. We’re not 100% sure you will be completely fresh as a daisy after using this, but at least it’s something. It smells like coconut, so you will resemble like a tropical surprise (the good kind - not the been hiking in a rain forest for hours-kind).

7. Bring your own booze

For understandable reasons most festivals really don’t appreciate it when you bring your own booze, but you don’t want to spend a century standing in line for drinks either. Enter the Wine Rack. This is a (not so very cute) sports bra that doubles as a personal wine rack. It contains a long drinking tube which allows you to sneakily take a sip, which also makes this bra the perfect partner in crime on long office days.

Festival items, check!

There, we got you guys looked after. Now all you need is some cool festivals to go to in June. Or July. Or both!

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