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Reality check: how nasty are your dirty earplugs?

25 Jun 2018 About

Are you that responsible party-animal that wears earplugs religiously to every festival, club or party you go? We salute you. But let's keep it real: your plugs need cleaning too. Because yes, you get really dirty earplugs...

Say no to dirty earplugs

The first and foremost thing with earplugs is that they protect your cute little elf ears against hearing damage. If you are like us and love to party like there's no tomorrow regularly, that's quite a necessary thing. And if you are even more like us, then you must have realized that your ears aren't always that clean. Without getting too much in detail, the fact is that plugs can be a hotbed of bacteria when you don't clean them regularly.

Ear infection

Why is that something to worry about? Well, we always end up with dirty earplugs before even wearing them. Sand, dirt, whatever, there's always an accumulation. The problem is that this dirt gets into your ear canal and if that isn't even gross enough, earwax can cause molded and pre-molded earplugs to become rigid, putting a strain on the ear canal. This can cause ear infection, severe pain, and oh the irony, even 'cause hearing loss.

An easy solution

The basic rule of thumb is to discard foam earplugs daily. Regarding pre-molded or molded earplugs, it is a good idea to clean them every day with a toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide, soap, and water mixture. Leave the earplugs out to dry or wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. And what about our precious Thunderplugs, that consist of a high-quality music filter? Simply rinsing your earplugs in lukewarm water without removing the filters does the job. No soap needed! Your precious ears will thank you.

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