These are the 5 best motorcycle routes of North America

27 Nov 2018 Out

North America has many iconic routes. Although most people take by car, we find there is no better way to experience and capture the beauty of North America then by motorcycle. The enhanced sense of freedom and the closeness to mother nature will never feel the same while going by car. So here's a list of the most beautiful en special motorcycle routes of North America.

1. Peak to Peak Highway: Colorado

This route is barely 95 kilometers but it's an absolute must for the nature lovers among us as it goes straight through the Rocky Mountains National Park. Moose and elk are often seen here, so try to keep yourself to the speed limit. Tip: Pack your hiking boots and take a break to walk one of the many scenic trails, or pack your camping gear for an overnight in the breathtaking mountains.

2. The Big Sur: California

The world famous Big Sur section of California's coastal highway offers multiple highlights: the impressive redwood forests, an uncountable number of cliffs, seal-dotted beaches, and plenty of curves to keep your adrenaline on the right level. This iconic route stretches out over about 200 kilometers and has many stunning viewpoints. Tip: try to avoid summer weekends and be sure to book a visit to Hearst Castle well in advance. And don't forget to dress warmly: the Big Sur is famous for its fogbound, especially in summer months.

3. The Bow Valley Parkway: Alberta

One of the most scenic motorcycle routes in the entire world. This 400-kilometer ride encompasses it all: stunning vistas, never-ending mountain views, waterfalls, wildlife, glacial lakes and of course its absolute highlight: the Columbia Icefields. Tip: plan your trip during the week to ensure a minimum of traffic.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina and Virginia

This iconic mountain route should be on every motorcyclist bucket list. First, you'll drive through the countryside of Virginia while passing historical Civil War battle sites. Further south, you'll climb into the Great Smoky Mountains, which are known for its sweeping curves and fascinating scenery. Tip: take at least two days for this 750 kilometer ride.

5. The Tail of the Dragon: North Carolina and Tennessee

This motorcycle route is the dream of every adrenaline junkie, as the name already initiates. It's without any doubt the most challenging route in all of North America with it's 318 tight curves in only 18 kilometers. Touring enthusiasts and die-hard sport-bikers from all over the world go there to practice their cornering skills. Tip: you don't have to prove anything, just enjoy the ride!

More motorcycle routes?

Not a big fan of North America or have you already been there? And of course, North America can be quite pricy. Luckily we have a whole lot of other cool motorcycle routes in store for you. Why not check out South America? Or what about the warm continent of Africa? You can always go oriental style and check out Asia or keep it close to the Thunderplugs base of operations and tour around Europe!

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