These are the 3 best motorcycle routes in Asia

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Calling all adventure seekers: these are the best motorcycle routes in Asia. Jumping on a motorcycle is one of the best ways to explore a country. It gives you the chance to hop on and off whenever and wherever you want while you get amazed by the most jaw-dropping views along the way.

1. Ho Chi Minh Trail - Vietnam
This trail is bucket list material. It's quite a trip, counting 1168 miles from Saigon to Hanoi. If that might be a little too much for you, opt to take a boat across the river from the market in Hoi An. If you hop on your bike after that, you'll get an amazing route from 30 miles through the beautiful countryside before making a loop back to Hoi An. You could also start at Nha Trang and then take the route from there to Hoi An. This is 430 miles. Imagine mountains, long flat green rice fields, open roads and friendly locals waving at you. Dreamy, right?

beste motorcycle routes Asia

2. The Mae Hong Song Loop - Northern Thailand
This route is 420 miles long and counts as one of the most scenic motorcycle routes in Thailand. If you're a beginner, you'll definitely want to consider this. The road conditions are very good since most of it consists of concrete. In 2016 the roads even have been made better with several improvements. The route is famous for its 1865 curves (eat that, Kim K.) and allows you to explore the more remote parts of Northern Thailand offering lots of highlights and diversity.

best motorcycle routes Asia

3. The Thakhek Loop - Laos
Also quite popular under beginners is the Thakhek Loop through Laos. It's 288 miles long and shows you some diverse landscapes and impressive caves. The most popular cave along the route is Konglor. It counts as one of the most impressive caves in Southeast Asia. Even if you think you've seen enough caves in your life: go check this one out. Trust us.

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