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What you mean festival season is over? These are the best fall/winter festivals

10 Sep 2018 Out

Summer is over, which means festival season also came to an end. Don't cry, don't panic and definitely don't freefall into a winter depression: we're here for you with some of the nicest fall/winter festivals that are coming up!

Dropping temperatures don't mean you should get into hibernation-mode. In fact, there are lots of fall/winter festivals that are worth to leave your cozy cave for. Yes, maybe you can't wear your slinkiest summer dress, but that also means you don't have to camp in a burnin' hot tent with the rest of the country who hasn't had a decent shower for days either. Bright side, right?

So alarm your friends and mark your calendars for these festivals.

1. Welcome to the future - November 24th, Amsterdam

You might know Welcome to the future as the two-days counting festival at Het Twiske, but there's a one-day indoor-festival as well. At the Amsterdam Warehouse, you'll find names such as Benny Rodrigues, Joran van Pol, and Mathias Kaden. The party starts at 2 pm and goes on until 2 am to make you sure you get the party-fix you'll need to get through the colder days.

fall/winter festivals

2. Valhalla - December 22th, Amsterdam

The perfect start to get into the Christmas spirit is by going to Valhalla festival. During the festival, the Amsterdam RAI will be turned into a true party circus. Though the line-up isn't clear yet, we'll guarantee you it will be magical. Just check out this aftermovie and you know this is the kind of winter festival you really don't want to miss.

3. Soenda Indoor - October 6h, Eindhoven and/or November 10th, Utrecht

Soenda celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year. In those years the festival evolved into an established name in the dance world. If you're into house, techno, and disco this is definitely your cup of tea. Can't make it to the Eindhoven? You'll get another chance on November the 10th in Utrecht.

fall/winter festivals

4. Qlimax - November 24th, Arnhem

Ravers unite: Qlimax returns this year at the GelreDome in Arnhem. For everyone who is into hardcore, hardstyle, trance and everything in between. Qlimax characterizes itself by announcing the line-up after the tickets are sold out. In October the main artist will release the much-anticipated anthem, which it's a quite a big deal for the concerning artist.

Enjoy these fall/winter festivals

There, even with the cold and dark fall and winter coming up, these winter festivals bring some light to your life. So, go get those tickets and have something to look out for the coming months! And o yes, don't forget to get some Thunderplugs whilst you are at it.

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