These are the 3 must-see motorcycle tours through Europe

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Summer is the best time to be alive. At least when you're a biker. Whether you ride solo or hop on with a partner in crime; nothing beats exploring the roads with the wind through your hair and the sun on your back. Let us help you with these 3 must-see motorcycle tours in Europe.

Of course, the options are endless. You just jump on your motor and off you go. Just see where the wind and the road take you. But sometimes you might need some more directions in your life. That's why we present you some of the nicest routes through Europe to take this summer.

1. The three passes of Switzerland

Starts: Andermatt
Ends: Andermatt

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This route contains the three passes of Susten, Furka en Grimsel in the Alpine region of Switzerland. Good to know: the passes are closed between October and May due to snow. Especially the Grimsel is great because of the well-surfaced switchbacks heading clockwise on the way up and beautiful emerald blue lakes on the way down. It's easy to navigate through these three amazing Alpine passes and the full route is do-able in a day.

2. Verdon Gorge

Starts: Moustiers-Saint-Marie
Ends: Moustiers-Saint-Marie

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The Verdon Gorge is your ultimate summer destination. It's north from Nice and Monaco and is also known as 'Europe's Grand Canyon'. Like most canyons, it creeps up on you. One minute the land is flat, the next you're at the rim of a huge canyon. But the road around it is what you’re going for, with endless twisting sections and parts where it traces right across the top of the rim, a steel barrier the only thing stopping you from a long drop to the bottom.

3. The Transfăgărășan Highway

Starts: Bascov
Ends: Sibiu

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It might be an obvious suggestion since it's been featured in Top Gear, but these guys know what they're talking about. It's a romantic route which takes you out of Western Europe. In a way, the road would arguably best serve as a marker for a wider trip, with a good excuse for finding an interesting route for getting down there and back. A route down through Slovenia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, and Serbia is increasingly popular with bikers, while a route back through the Alps would give you the best of both worlds.

Enjoy these motorcycle tours, drive safe!

And while you're at it; don't forget to bring your protection.

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