Custom Fitted Earplugs

The best protection, the most comfortable fit.


About Bananaz Custom Fitted

Here’s a treat. We come over to your place so we can personally fit the Custom Fitted earplugs by Bananaz to your ears. This ensures that they are perfectly fitted to your ears and all sounds first pass through the special filter. Optimal protection from harmful sounds, check. But there is more: you can easily have conversations with Bananaz Custom Fitted earplugs in your ears and enjoy the music exactly as it is, just a couple of decibels lower. And the icing on the cake is that Bananaz earplugs are CE certified.

Custom fitted earplugs for your employees

Are your employees exposed to potentially harmful levels of noise on a regular basis? Then it is a good idea to offer them hearing protection. Please contact us for the possibilities because we are very eager to help!


Custom Fitted Party Earplugs

For use at parties, concerts, and festivals (19-24dB).

  • Perfect fit, very comfortable
  • Special NP1 / NP5 filter
  • Excellent degree of linear attenuation
  • Minimal sound distortion
  • Good audibility in conversations

€ 119,-

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    Thunderplugs Classic

    1 set of earplugs with music filter (20dB)

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    Thunderplugs Duopack

    2 sets of earplugs with music filter (20dB)

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  • 10% Discount

    Thunderplugs Pro

    1 set of earplugs with 2 sets of music filters (20dB and 28dB)

    17.95 15.95
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    EARS2U cleaning spray

    Clean your earplugs after every use.